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What Lindsay Lohan and Vikram Chatwal Have in Common

April 7, 2011 at 11:34 AM | by | ()

It's an unlikely pairing--that of Lindsay Lohan and "hotelier" Vikram Chatwal but it turns out they have more in common than we thought--they have both given up on their careers.

It's been nearly four years since Lohan was arrested for her DUIs and she has yet to find redemption in the eyes of the American public and the legal system. Meanwhile, it's been nearly four years since Vikram hit his "finest hour" as a hotelier. After that, it seems he has largely been letting his father, Sant Singh, run the Vikram Chatwal Hotels business which includes the Dream and the Night Hotels brand (now in partnership with Wyndham.)

So maybe it was only a matter of time before these two met up.

We thought we spied Vik in one of these pics of Lohan out on the town in New York. Plus when we heard Linz was staying at a hotel in midtown we wondered whether it was the Dream. But as it turns out Vik put her up in the new luxe Chatwal Hotel. Page Six reports:

Lindsay Lohan has been cozying up to hotelier Vikram Chatwal. The starlet was spotted with the wealthy, soon-to-be bachelor at Top of the Standard on Tuesday night, spies tell us. Chatwal -- who is divorcing his actress wife, Priya Sachdev, whom he married in a 10-day, multicity wedding in 2006 -- flew Lohan into the city on his private jet and has been putting her up in the penthouse of his Chatwal Hotel on West 44th Street. The pair have repeatedly been seen together all over town.

Hanging out at Andre Balazs' Top of the Standard? Oh boy. Meanwhile, a source told Page Six that the two are just friends and that they have a business relationship. Oh god. What could this business relationship be? Lindsay's 6126 leggings in the minibar?

We really like The Chatwal, we sincerely hope Lindsay doesn't bring any of her "business" there. Be careful, Vik. Remember what happened last time you were hanging out with tabloid names? Yup, stitches.

[Photo via NY Post]

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Vik's wedding was 10 days long and in several cities? I can see why Lindsay wants to hang around him!