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If You Can't Stay at Shoreditch House, You Can At Least Eat Pizza There

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April 6, 2011 at 4:11 PM | by | ()

Yesterday we took you on a full tour of our room in the hotel portion of East London's private members' club, Shoreditch House, and even though the 26 rooms are very affordable at an average of 95-110 GBP per night, they aren't always available. This is an understandably popular place, but definitely still worth checking out if you're in the area...and particularly if you've got a massive craving for pizza in a lively atmosphere, surrounded by some of the coolest (and those who think they are the coolest) people in town.

It's called Pizza East, and it sits not inside Shoreditch House, but on the corner. It's still within the old Tea Warehouse building and part of the Soho House group, but separate enough from the private members' club that you don't need to drop keywords or cash to make it in the door.

The pizza with a side of purple flowering broccoli

As we were staying just upstairs, we ordered the rabbit pizza (with mozzarella, nostrala olive and capers) to go, plus a side of purple flowering broccoli. Pizzas—all fired in a wood oven, and not a quick one at that—cost under 15 GBP, and the beer and cocktail selection is enough to keep even the not hungry interested. Check out the full menu here, and be prepared to drool.

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