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The Case of the Karl Lagerfeld-designed Hotel Room Made of Chocolate

Where: Paris , France
April 28, 2011 at 1:42 PM | by | ()

This is the photo setting the web on fire today, as legend-status fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld stands inside of a hotel room made entirely of chocolate, including a model painted with the sweet stuff. Lagerfeld has been working with the European ice cream company Magnum, and so far they've produced a short video with Rachel Bilson (watch it here) and this—the chocolate hotel room at an unnamed hotel in Paris.

No, you can't sleep in it. OMG—how cool would it be to stay here, though? Just to lay on the bed and lick it, or take a bite of the chair armrest? This is the stuff of drug-influenced dreams right here.

This isn't the first hotel room Karl has lent his ring-covered hands to; the Schlosshotel im Grunewald outside Berlin, Germany is also a former Lagerfeld project. You can read more on it, and other hotels by fashion designers, on Jaunted's comprehensive Guide (and map) of fashion hotels around the world.

[Photo: Reuters/Boing Boing]

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