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We've Never Seen a Door Latch Like This Before

April 28, 2011 at 11:17 AM | by | ()

When we turn out the light for the night in our hotel room, there's one thing we always do--and that's slide the safety latch above the door lock into place.

Sure, a determined thief could use a special tool to dismantle the latch but we still feel safer doing it.

Usually, the safety latch is a chain link with a nobbin on the end of it that you insert into another piece on the door. When the door opens, it immediately gets caught by the latch. (OMG we totally just tried to explain how a safety latch works.)

Anyways, most hotels have that chain link but at the new B Ocean Hotel in Fort Lauderdale (Guess the Hotel revealed!), we spotted a new sexier kind of door latch.

It's pretty simple looking. Just flip the metal square outward so that it creates a stopper. Then when you open the door, it catches on this metal square. Pretty suave.

That said, we didn't test its sturdiness too hard. But if someone was really determined to get into our room they could probably throw themselves at the door and bust open the latch. Best not travel with our Justin Bieber jewelry then.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the full reveal of B Ocean Hotel!

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