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Hotel Indigo Glasgow Is Open But It'll Cost You

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  Site Where: 75 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G2 7DA
April 25, 2011 at 3:22 PM | by | ()

Well, that told us. No sooner had we expressed doubts that Hotel Indigo Glasgow would be opening on schedule last Monday, what with the website not accepting bookings and no staff around to answer the phone when we called to reserve, someone from the hotel told us we were wrong, and that the hotel did in fact open as planned on 18 April. Our bad. Maybe having some staff on rezzie duty three days before opening might have solved that confusion.

Anyways, a room tonight will set you back £129, whereas last time we checked, they were going for £115. It’s an odd decision to up their prices, seeing as Malmaison, which is probably the hotel they’re most likely trying to challenge, has rooms for tonight for £89, or, if you spend £75 in the restaurant, they’ll give you a room for £10.

Alternatively, you can score a room at the delicious Hotel du Vin Glasgow for £75 tonight. And that, don’t forget, is not only among our top sexy hotels evah, but also comes with free sightings of The Great Piers Morgan thrown in on the side.

So what do you get for the extra cash? According to Business Traveller, as well as free WiFi and a gym, you'll get hotel art in the shape of “a mural of famous Glaswegians and paintings of 25 of Glasgow’s greatest heroes created by 25 up-and-coming local artists.” (Let’s hope Rabb C Nesbitt is one of those heroes. That would be amazing.)

Meanwhile there are already two reviews up on TripAdvisor (so soon? Hmm). Both are pretty fulsome in their praise but seeing as the second in particular looks pretty plant-like, we’ll reserve judgment until there are more of them. In the meantime, what we’d really like, if you’re reading this, Indigo people, is a Facebook page with some pictures. You can’t expect us to pay more than the going rate unless you show us that your Glaswegian heroes are worth it, can you?

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Hotel Indigo Glasgow Is Open

Tech hitches are now all ironed out and guests are loving the new Hotel Indigo....this is reflected on the trip advisor website where the reviews are first rate!!

Hotel Indigo Glasgow

Facebook photos and opening special offer at Hotel Indigo Glasgow http://on.fb.me/HI-glasgow

Save 15-20% at Hotel Indigo Worldwide http://on.fb.me/HIoffers

Looks fantastic

I'll definitely keep this place on my stay list when I'm there in May!