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Chateau Marmont Bans an 'Apprentice' Alum for Tweeting about a Celeb

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April 21, 2011 at 10:17 AM | by | ()

Be careful about tweeting about celebs at star-packed Chateau Marmont. Former Apprentice contestant Jenn Hoffman was dining in Bar Marmont when she saw Rachel Hunter break out into some crazy behavior and she tweeted about it. The result: Hoffman is banned from the hotel for a year.

Hoffman took to her blog to explain the sitch:

"She's doing high kicks in the middle of the restaurant, she's yelling and screaming, she's singing happy birthday at the top of her lungs to a party that's not her party, she is doing full on splits—splits—spread eagle this way and this way in the middle of the restaurant...showing everyone her ladyparts."

Hoffman can't track down the particular tweet she sent out, but she paraphrased it, saying it said something like, "Wow, Rachel Hunter is acting really crazy in the middle of Chateau Marmont. She's doing splits and trying on other people's glasses, nuts."

It seems pretty harmless, given the craziness that was going on in the dining room, but when Hoffman tried to make a reservation two weeks later, she was told that she was banned for a year.

Chateau Marmont doesn't have a social media policy for guests in place—not that that would be easy to enforce—but the no-tweeting-about-celebs rule is obviously not a consistent rule, since a quick search on Twitter shows a bunch of star-related updates. Even more bizarre, the hotel isn't even on Twitter.

People come to Chateau Marmont to spot celebrities and brag to their friends, so a rule like this is not the best idea. Wouldn't it make more sense to have rules in place for proper behavior for all guests—famous or not—who dine at the hotel? We certainly wouldn't want to see ladyparts during dinner, even if they belong to Rachel Hunter.

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