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Naughty Barmen at St. Regis New York Fired Over Tequila Shots

Where: Two East 55th Street [map], New York, NY, United States, 10022
April 20, 2011 at 8:38 AM | by | ()

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, Floor! Or rather, Fired! at the St. Regis New York's famous King Cole Bar (birthplace of the bloody mary.)Page Six reports that three longtime barmen were fired after an undercover spy working for the hotel's owners caught the liquid courage dispensers snatching $60 left on the bar and downing tequila shots.

Kwaku Nyampong, a familiar face for 20 years behind the bar that introduced the Bloody Mary to America in 1934, Michael Regan (10 years) and Gavin Fitzgibbon (16 years) were fired last week after a "spotter" -- an undercover spy working for the hotel owners -- claims to have caught them drinking one round of tequila shots.

Regulars are up in arms that the trio have been unceremoniously axed and replaced by kitchen staff at the East 55th Street watering hole, which boasts well-heeled patrons including dancer/actor Michael Flatley.

In the barmen's defense, a source said they weren't partying on the job by doing shots but rather testing out some Patron that a woman was promoting in the bar last month. As for the $60, a woman left the money on the bar and naturally, they thought it was a tip for them.

While the three wise men look to their union, New York Hotel Trades Council, for help, the St. Regis could be facing a drop in bar traffic as several patrons, er, customers, came to the bar solely because of their expertise. So will these men get their jobs back or will they be forced to hit the streets in search of another hotel bar gig? TO BE CONTINUED...

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They'll Be Back

Unless there is MUCH more to this story and/or the gents have a history of "misappropriation" only the St Regis will end up looking in the wrong. !0+ year employees cannot be terminated for a single in fraction, sans fighting or provable theft.  There is a management accepted, union mandated process and in the scenario described action taken is unwarranted and ill-advised.    Having made the papers, as well as your well-read site, the union leadership must respond and not allow themselves to loose face or membership.  Expect something far more distracting to the patrons - a walkout of ALL staff, chanting away in the lobby. It will not be pretty.  

give me a break

Given HG2 comment history, looks like he/she is either a termed Starwood employee or union sympathizer...or both!!!

Since when, in any union or non-union environment, is DRINKING ON THE JOB acceptable. These employees and there blatant sense of entitlement and untouchable attitude were rightfully fired.  Good riddance!!!