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The Expedia Rewards Program is Now Finally Legit

March 28, 2011 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

Well folks, the day has finally come-- Expedia has officially launched their new loyalty program--Expedia Rewards.

We explained a bit about how the program worked when it was still an invite-only/ beta sort of thing. And there's nothing really new to report. Expedia Rewards members will earn one Expedia point for every $1 spent on hotels, flights and activities booked through Expedia.

And remember, the more you book on Expedia at one time, i.e. hotel + flight + car rental the more points you can earn. Expedia explains:

As an example, if a customer books a package for two travelers featuring a roundtrip flight, four nights in a hotel and a rental car, that trip may cost$2,000. With Expedia Rewards, that would yield 6,000 points. Should the member book that same trip three times, they should have earned enough points to qualify for a free hotel night. Should they add an activity to each package booking, the accumulated points may earn them two free hotel nights. ”

But there are a few more ways to earn even more points. The first is by being a member of the Expedia Elite Plus program which will give you an extra bonus point per dollar on hotel and package bookings.

The second is by using your Mastercard to book on Expedia. That will give you double base points on an Expedia Special Rate hotel or hotel package. You do have to register to qualify for this promotion and it only lasts through August 31st so make sure to read up on those details here.

Plus, you can still earn points and miles on your airline frequent flyer programs and credit card rewards programs when booking on Expedia. It seems like Expedia is giving you more bang for your buck now even if they are being package pushers. Why, we hardly even miss the old ThankYou points program.

Now, we know that if you want the best service and treatment, you should book through the hotel directly (especially since so many will match rates on Expedia) but with all these new perks, we may just have to look Expedia's way again.

We'll be keeping tabs on Expedia Rewards in the coming months so why not tell us what you think about the new program in comments below.

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