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This Might Be the Sweetest Gift We've Gotten from an Airport Hotel

Where: Vancouver, BC, Canada
March 23, 2011 at 1:22 PM | by | ()

Way back in 2008, Fairmont Hotels began placing beehives on the rooftops of its hotels to produce honey which were then used by the hotel in desserts, teas, salad dressings and even cocktails. And now, the Fairmont Honey is yours to take home.

The Fairmont Vancouver Airport is selling a 500 gram bottle of "liquid gold" aka Canada #1 Amber honey for $16.99CDN both in the hotel's gift shop and at a few stores in the Vancouver Airport. The honey is made by over a million bees that reside nearby the hotel as McDonald Beach Park and according to the Fairmont folks, its taste has a hint of cinnamon and apple.

Just be sure to wrap your honey jars carefully before sticking them into your suitcase as items will get sticky during the flight.

The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in downtown Vancouver is also selling its own honey. The hotel has partnered with Rogers' Chocolates to create a honey truffle using the honey produced by their rooftop worker bees. The chocolate honey confections are appropriately called The Bee's Knees and are sold for $15CDN at the hotel's Heron Restaurant. But you can also order your own box by emailing herons@fairmont.com.

Now if you excuse us, we need to go wipe down our keyboard. Oops.

Thanks to the Fairmont for sending us some honey. That was, um, sweet of you.

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