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Undercover Boss Hits The MGM Grand

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March 21, 2011 at 5:18 PM | by | Comments (2)

What do you do first when you take over running the world's second largest hotel? You take time out to get to know how everything works and when you can pull in untold amounts of free advertising at the same time? Jackpot!

The new President and COO of MGM Grand Las Vegas, Scott Sibella, probably got stopped - and ribbed - quite a bit in Sin City today by people who first saw him as a rug-wearing "Undercover Boss" last night on CBS. After goof after goof on the casino floor, guests are likely telling Sibella how happy they are that his full-time job doesn't have anything to do with their luck at the tables.

Our sister website VegasChatter has the full recap of the cringe-worthy episode. Highlights include dropping a deck of cards while dealing, ciggie breaks in the carpark and hatred of MGM's carpet. No word of the recent non smoking fee faux pas.

And, if you've ever checked into the MGM Grand and wondered what took so long, you're about to find out.

Comments (2)

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No home run!

Several important issues that Scott Sibella failed to address in the "final interview" of the program with his "victims":

  • Providing proper and adequate ventilation system to get rid of the smoke or at least lower the 2nd-hand smoke risks for his workers and others such as the non-smoking guests.

  • Provide an adequate break-room smoking area for his employees so they won't have to open secure doors to sneak out and smoke.

  • Provide an incentive program for employees that open or sell "Players Club" accounts for guests.

At the conclusion of this program, I felt like the episode was not complete. The individual monetary and other gifts given to the few on the program were nice, but he failed to provide for the entire staff in terms of better working conditions and other incentives as other CEOs have done in past episodes ... just my thoughts.

You're Right

The biggest failures were not Sibella's bumbles on the casino floor, but his lack of effective problem-solving management. (Unless it was left on the editing room floor.)

While smoking on the gaming floor and creating designated smoking areas for employees were likely two issues that did not have easy fixes, they could have easily placed Sandy at the head of a employee think tank to come up with ways to reward player card sign-ups.

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