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All Piers Morgan Wants from a Hotel is a Good Glass of Wine (and Some Sex)

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  Site Where: One Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow, United Kingdom
March 18, 2011 at 3:51 PM | by | ()

Hotel beds and wine o’clock: two of the loves of Piers Morgan

It was as we were perusing the website of Hotel du Vin, the posh, claw-bathtub-and-rubber-ducky-included-as-standard boutique British chain, the other week, that we noticed a familiar face: Piers Morgan.

Yes! Ebullient Piers riffing on the joys of a hotel brand that’s based around its dedication to all kinds of wine. According to his blurb on the website:

I think I travel far, far too much. I need somewhere I can truly unwind. A place that offers me what I need, when I need it. Be it with friends or for business I look forward to stunning food and a thankfully peaceful nights sleep to recharge the batteries. Did I mention they do a great glass of wine too?

(Nice work crowbarring the word “glass” in there, Piers. We believe you.)

According to the Testimonials page, PiMorg’s favorite hotel is One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow’s West End. Why? For its “beautiful rooms, wonderful whisky bar”, friendly staff and “a wine selection to die for”.

What great taste! Because, incidentally, HotelChatter named One Devonshire Gardens one of its five year-round sexy hotels just the other month. And it turns out Piers is a bit of a hotel geek - according to this article, he also has love for the Beverly Wilshire and hotel sex.

According to HdV, Morgan has been an ambassador for the brand for the past two years – which means they were probably as thrilled as he was when he clinched the CNN gig. In fact, the day we noticed him on the website was the day after his Charlie Sheen interview broadcast.

Shilling for a hotel brand that’s based around wine and drinking is a pretty brave thing to do now that PiMorg is a) in LA and b) a serious newscaster, and earns our undying respect. Piersy, we’ll stump you a glass of vino if we ever catch you on property.

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