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Nice Coffee Maker, Shame About the Location at Harrah's Ak-Chin

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  Site Where: 15406 Maricopa Road [map], Maricopa, AZ, United States, 85239
March 16, 2011 at 5:29 PM | by | ()

Aint nothing like a cup of coffee in the morning before you put your face on, which is why we were delighted to find a coffee maker in our room at Harrah’s Ak-Chin in Phoenix this week. Just one problem – it’s placed in the bathroom, and that’s every bit as gross as using the phone on the can, no?

Hygiene matters and torturously slow (albeit free) WiFi aside, we’re extremely pleasantly surprised by our room here. Having slept our way through most of the Harrah’s properties in Vegas, Tunica and New Orleans, we assume most standard casino rooms will be pretty grim, but this is actually pretty damn nice. Take a look.

There’s also a big pool area complete with sunken bar and various birds talking to each other. In fact, from the hotel area, you’d have no idea you were attached to a casino – we don’t gamble and we’ve spent the past two days by the pool. Well played, Harrah’s.

The casino itself is pretty small, and it’s pretty far from anywhere else (apart from Bristol Palin’s house in Maricopa, which is five minutes away). Downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale are both half an hour away. But then, with rooms from $99 and no resort fee, that doesn’t seem so bad.

What’s more, they’re currently building new rooms, which should be finished by July this year.

Harrah’s Ak-Chin, we’d never have stayed with you if we hadn’t been traveling with a gambler, but we’re glad we’ve found you.

Archived Comments:


I hate the infamous coffeemaker in the can!!!! Really, on who's planet was that ever a good idea?

i see this all the time

usually it's in big box hotels that haven't gone through their renovation/upgrade like old Hiltons and Intercontinentals. fortunately, i think hotels are phasing this out especially since they've upped the caliber of coffee makers. can you imagine a nespresso next to the john? hahaha


I`ve seen this a few times. Vegas for sure. Anyone hear of toilet aspiration?

so gross

i must be lucky because i'm not actually sure i've seen it before but it's gross. weirdly my roommate didn't get the grossness and had coffee every morning. ugh.

I believe that's against health code here...

I think someone should research this, but perhaps since this is on tribal land they can get away with it.  Coffee makers are not allowed in bathrooms in Maricopa County!

Furthermore I have a few comments as a hotel owner: I would personally never use a standard carafe based coffee maker like this.  And I would never use any glasses or mugs that aren't disposable.  Perhaps you should get a job in a hotel sometime as a housekeeper - most do not have a special "coffee mug and glass cleaning device" - in many hotels they use the same rag/brush to clean the tub/shower, then the toilet, then the sink, then the coffee maker, glasses/mugs, and then the surfaces and mirror.

Not at The Clarendon - we have Keurig coffeemakers and paper cups.  And housekeepers must use one rag for tub/shower/sink and a brush for toilet and a separate rag for surfaces.

Ben Bethel