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The Cosmopolitan Wants to Give You Another Kind of Strip View in Vegas

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March 15, 2011 at 10:12 AM | by | ()

Last time HotelChatter stayed at the Cosmopolitan, the new kid on the Vegas block, the only view we were concerned about was that of the Bellagio fountains playing in the background.

This weekend, on our second visit, we decided to shift our gaze a little. Mainly because a prime component of the minibar kit was a pair of binoculars, encouraging us to take a closer look at “some of the most spectacular views in Las Vegas”. And you know what we realised? This place is going to be a haven for Standard-style exhibitionism if the word gets out.

The closest thing to exhibitionism on display this weekend

Not only does every room at the Cosmo have a terrace (and the views are so stupendous that even the most modest person can’t help but sneak out for a peek first thing in the morning and last thing at night, whatever their state of undress) but also, many of the bathrooms open up onto the view – the one bedroom terrace suites have soaking tubs looking out onto the Strip, and the wraparound suite we just stayed in had a peekaboo shower whose view went straight through the bedroom into the East Tower opposite.

Sadly, we saw no rambunctious sexytime nor nekkedness other than a tattooed, topless guy puffing on a ciggy in the East Tower, but have no fear, because when the pool opens, the rooms overlooking the terrace area will get a prime view of the bikinis and trunks on display, even inside the cabanas. Watch out celebs.

The binoculars are $45, btw (we checked for a friend, ahem). But if you don’t have the dosh, a camera zoom will do just as well. Trust us.

Disclosure: Juliab stayed as a guest of the Cosmo as part of a feature for another newspaper

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