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Our Favorite Tweets from Charlie Sheen's Porn Star While at the Peninsula Chicago

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March 15, 2011 at 12:28 PM | by | ()

Usually, it's Charlie Sheen and steady supply of tiger blood and hookers that causes a scene in swanky hotels but he must have passed on some drama karma to Kacey Jordan, a porn star who was with him during his infamous drug binge the other month. She's also the chick that he wrote a random $30,000 check to for no good reason.

So where do you go after Charlie Sheen gives you 30 grand? The Peninsula Chicago apparently where rooms go for over $500 a night. And what do you do while staying there? Drugs and Twitter, duh.

Except the party was cut short for Kacey after her fans alerted the Chicago police. She was hospitalized last night after tweeting that she took a bunch of pills and alcohol and was waiting to die. TMZ reports:

We're told when cops got to the hotel, Kacey was sitting on her bed -- with prescription pill bottles, broken glass and alcohol all over her room.

Law enforcement sources tell us Jordan had cuts and scrapes to her wrists and arms ... but insisted the suicide messages were merely a publicity stunt.

While Kacey was talking to police, we're told the porn star grabbed a corkscrew bottle opener ... tried to run out of the room ... and attempted to cut herself.

It seems like everyone, even Kacey herself, has written this off as a desperate cry for more mentions on TMZ attention. But what's interesting here, at least to us, is Kacey's tweets about her hotel stay.

These include not just mentions of Charlie Sheen but snorting coke, downing Jack, bribing staffers, getting a pedicure in the spa, ogling guys in the indoor pool, ordering room service and even stepping on a hotel bathroom scale. We've put together our favorite, most insightful tweets below.

If we had $30,000 in Charlie Sheen money we'd probably do our hotel stay a little different. But then again, if we got $30,000 from Charlie Sheen, there's really other no way else to enjoy a hotel room but with pills and booze, no?

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