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Personality Hotels Want You To Get Sexy In A Snuggie

February 7, 2011 at 11:31 AM | by | ()

Last week we gave you the lowdown on Valentine's Day deals that we'd actually book. This week, it's time to show you the strange, outrageous and plain cray-cray packages that are out there.

If you really want to impress her with your sexual prowess this Valentine's Day, you have to break out the Snuggie Sutra. Yep, stay at one of the San Francisco-based Personality Hotels and you'll receive a manual on getting it on in a fleece blanket with sleeves.

The cartoon instructional guide is included in the brand's Snuggie Love package, which is special for V-Day. Of course, you can't whip out some Snuggie Sutra without the proper equipment. So you also get a monkey Snuggie so that you can pull off positions like the "Sleeve It to Beaver" or "The Snorgy."

In case you need some liquid courage in order to romance your other half in a monkey-patterned blankie, you'll also get a four-pack of Skyy flavored vodka mini bottles. Provided they're willing, you should be a Snuggie sexpert in no time - especially since you'll have a late checkout of 2 p.m. to perfect your positions.

You can get some Snuggie Love at Hotel Union Square, Hotel Diva or Kensington Park. Snuggie Love isn't just for Valentine's Day, either - the package is available through April 30 and it starts at $159 a night.

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That sounds hot...

as in, temperature hot...flailing around in fleece.
Not only would the perimenopause make this a misery, I'd get all jumbled up in the Snuggie. No bueno!