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Places to Get Your Glamp On: Sanctuary Zebra Plains Walking Safari Camp, Zambia

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  Site Where: South Luangwa, Zambia
February 7, 2011 at 3:54 PM | by | ()

Last year, we told you about the hottest (and hautest) new trend in travel: glamping. That’s right, glamorous camping- that most ridiculous, and ridiculously awesome, of adventures that let travelers experience the glories of nature in five-star luxury settings (and sometimes with Campfire Butlers).

This week, we’re going to give you a little glamping update, as HotelChatter contributor Eric Rosen tells us about some of the most exciting new experiences out there. So pack your limited edition hiking boots and your diamond-infused sunscreen, because we’re going glamping!

Let's start our global perambulation in the birthplace of both mankind and the luxury camping trend itself - Africa - and the newest adventure from one of our favorite safari outfitters, Sanctuary Retreats. On June 1, they're opening Sanctuary Zebra Plains Walking Safari Camp, a first-of-its-kind walking safari in the pristine wilderness of South Luangwa, Zambia. Guests will spend their days doing things like wandering along riverbanks, observing elephants at their toilette, and then canoeing over to an island where they’ll get to spy on game such as buffalo, zebras and hippos, before returning for sunset cocktails, canapés and then dinner on the Luangwa River. It's designed to be part of a larger safari experience, with a recommended three day stay. Here's the lowdown.

The “Tents”
While most of the glamping properties we’ve encountered are intimate, Zebra Plains takes it to the next level with just four traditional tents (two doubles and a twin), accommodating a maximum of six guests. They have real beds, traditional camping furniture like wooden chairs and tables, mosquito nets, and en-suite lavatories. Then there’s the showers: they’re al fresco, and the water is warmed to your preferred temperature by a “tent attendant,” so guests can clean up before dinner, or an evening in the library and bar areas.

Dining Al Fresco
Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you’re just getting beef jerky and campfire coffee. Three course gourmet evening meals will be served each night in a different location around the camp. Lest you get bored, each night will feature a different cuisine, such as barbecue, and Potjie, a traditional style of southern African slow-cooking. On the last night, you'll a candlelit dinner under the stars on a dry riverbed.

The Environmental Side (i.e. Camping) of Glamping
The glamping movement originated from environmentally-conscious roots, and Zebra Plains has been designed to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. Yes, it's lux, but it'll run completely on solar power and a battery inverter system, the meals include locally-sourced foods, and tent furniture will be made by local artisans from locally harvested hardwood. Also, it'll operate just four months of the year, between June and October, and will be packed up completely during the off season.

Tent Fees
All-inclusive rates at Zebra Plains begin at $550 per person per night.

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That tent doesn't look secure enough, what happens if an elephant comes charging in?


all tents on safari are like that.. elephant will leave them alone so you'll be safe :) <a href="http://www.didyouknowthat.net" title="fun facts">funny facts</a>