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Spoiler Alert: We Know What Hotel Hosts the South African Finale of 'The Bachelor'

March 1, 2011 at 9:36 AM | by | ()

Yeah, we dig The Bachelor, but not because we're cool with one guy basking in the attention of a harem of women, all begging him to put a ring on it. No, we haz da luv because it’s unintentional travel eye-candy. The network thinks we're watching the cast, but really, we're peeping the background.

This season starring Bachelor Brad Womack is coming to an end and we love-love the location: South Africa. Last night's show and—we're told—the March 14 finale has studly Brad and the last three ladies standing at two gorgeous properties—Lion Sands Private Game Reserve and the swank One & Only Cape Town.

At the Lion Sands Private Game Reserve, the quartet went on safari, dined under the stars and snuggled up in luxury villas fronting the Sabie River in Kruger National Park. Each villa has an outdoor heated swimming pool and wooden viewing deck, and on our own visit there last year, we were stunned by how close the sunning elephants and hippos were to us. And the daily afternoon arguments of the resident monkeys? Hilarious and scary from the outdoor shower. But—we digress.

Back to Brad. He took one gal to Lion Sands’ piece de résistance—the outdoor Tree House. This dope bush bedroom is high above the ground, putting the Big Dipper in full view. Now we could joke about that or animal-like sounds coming from Brad’s Tree House tryst, but that would be crass and immature, which, we are so totally NOT! Hee. Besides, it was probably just the hyenas.

The One & Only Cape Town is a different animal altogether. The citi-fied hotel is surrounded by stunning scenery—namely the imposing Table Mountain, which can be seen from the sleek-chic rooms. And while we hope Brad and his gals sampled the food stylings of Nobu restaurant and guzzled local chenin blancs and pinotage's from Reuben's tri-level wine loft, we know the group kept the bonding-with-nature theme. Penguin watching at Cape Point was a highlight and even shark cage diving. But alas, booted-off bad-girl contestant Michelle Money wasn’t in the deep to bite Brad’s head off.

Tune in again next week of course, for more South Africa scenery.

[Photo: Chanize Thorpe}

Archived Comments:

Where is the Bathroom please!

When I saw this last night, I couldnt stop tweeting and twittering!  Seriously?  I mean, I am all for resorts like Ladera and Jade Mountain in St Lucia...but at least they have walls!  In a million years I wouldnt feel safe sleeping here.  And by the way, where is the bathroom!  hate to have to get up in the middle of the night to pee!

Janet DeVito

There's a bathroom!

Ha! janet, this shot only shows the bed, but believe it or not, there's a whole lot more to this treehouse. Behind the bed is a bathroom and even a shower. So no need to climb down the stairs and meet a dingo at midnight. It's fab-tastic!