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MGM Grand Flips Its Non-Smoking Fee To a Smoking Fee... Then Deletes Enhancement Fees Completely

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February 18, 2011 at 2:21 PM | by | Comment (1)

What exactly is going on with MGM Grand?

No sooner were we relieved that it had caved to public opinion/common sense and ditched its $20 fee for guaranteeing you a non-smoking room, than we realized they’d done something even more ridonkulous.

Yes, they did, as they promised, take down the $20 non-smoking charge off their website.

But instead, yesterday they replaced it with a $20 charge for a smoking room.

Oh yeah. Last night, the reservations page of MGM Grand had replaced the $20 non-smoking fee with a $20 fee to guarantee a smoking room. Here’s the proof, with screenshots and everything.

At the time, we thought, if only they’d done it this way round originally, they might have got away with it. Public opinion isn’t really on the side of smokers, and they could have produced some lame argument about extra cleaning fees (apart from that wouldn’t really have worked unless they charged all smoking room occupants $20, not just those who requested a room in advance). But having flipflopped from a non-smoking fee to a smoking fee just proved that it was another fee for the sake of fees' sake.

But an astonishing thing just happened. We went to check the website one more time just now to check whether the smoking fee was still showing. And what do you know? They’ve taken it down all together! Along with all the other options they could have nickel and dimed you for: $100 spa credit for $75, $20 for early check in and $20 for late check out. “Enhancement fees”, as they put it. All gone.

So what’s going on, MGM? Have you abolished your enhancement fees? Just taken them off the website? Or are you waiting until we get bored of checking on you before you bring them back?

At least we’re confirmed in our belief that ridiculous hotel charges are exactly that.

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