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One Month In, How's the Armani Hotel Milan Faring?

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  Site Where: Via Alessandro Manzoni, 31, Milan, Italy, 20121
December 12, 2011 at 4:30 PM | by | ()

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but the Armani Milan is over the one month mark, as it finally made its debut back on November 10. It may still be piping hot and fresh out of the hotel-baking oven, but it's time to start reading what people are saying about it.

One thing is important to remember, however, and that's that Italy doesn't have it all together on the social media/online sharing front. Case in point: the place has been booked up, but both Hotels.com, Expedia, Venere, etc have not a single review of it (barring this nice photo gallery).

Thus, for now we turn to Tripadvisor:

As expected with a hotel so woven into the fabric of the country, the Italians have the first say. Solid 4 and 5-star ratings dominate with very little criticism, until we hit a 1-star review so unreasonable, and from someone not even sleeping at the property! His two big issues? He couldn't figure out whether to push or pull to open the main door, and he and his friends didn't get as many nuts and savories at the bar as other groups drinking. That's it. MOVING ON!

At long last we hit upon some real reviews from guests who've actually had quality sheet time at the Armani Milano. One reviewer finds the restaurant too bright but enjoys the room bathrooms, comparing them to those of the Park Hyatt. The most straightforward assessment comes from jeanluc1, who sums it up quick and dirty-style:

Great location. Great decoration First impression is great, the staff is pleasant and helpful. with a large balcony (in November, I didn't use it very long) my room was superb, spacious, luxurious. great linens bathroom is perfect.

So far everyone really likes the bathrooms. At least there's some consensus.

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Universal Pleasures

I can hardly wait to discover why Armani Milano is getting this unanimous thumbs up on the bathroom...   what can a bathroom do to go above and beyond to receive a unanimous thumbs up? Now that's a conversation starter!