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Now You Can Hone Your Boxing Skills At The Mark New York

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December 8, 2011 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

New York has really cleaned up its act since the 80s, and the likelihood of getting mugged on the Upper East Side is pretty much slim to none. However! If you happen to be staying at The Mark New York, and are looking to beef up your self-defense skills, a good place to start might be the hotel's new martial arts and kickboxing studio, Punch Fitness Center.

The studio, which opened in November, and its owner, Adelino Da Costa, were profiled by the NY Times back in 2008 for introducing the world of boxing to the affluent Upper East Side neighborhood—and with great success. Now, Da Costa has set up on the hotel's second floor to offer his unique blend of Thai boxing, boxing, kickboxing and martial arts conditioning to guests whenever they want it.

Making full use of the hotel's 1,400 square foot space, guests can now get their shoes shined and build their physical and mental agility without ever having to leave the building! Good old New York. It's nothing if not practical.

For those of you wondering what a Punch Fitness Center session actually involves, we'll let the trainers do the talking:

"A Punch session is defined as a transformation.  The specific audience of Punch is a class that is competitive by nature.  Ultimately, Punch Fitness Centre has developed into a world of business elite.  Men are given the opportunity to practice their physical and mental strengths as [they] would in [their] most natural habitat.  The women of Punch are given the opportunity to pursue and ultimately expose their source of endurance – their inner fighter. "

We're all for transformation of the body and mind. And we like the equal appeal to both genders. But referring to The Mark New York as a "natural habitat?" These must be some pretty ritzy boxers and kick boxers!

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