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Lie A Little, Win A Little At Cambria Suites

December 6, 2011 at 9:33 AM | by | ()

How good are you at coming up with excuses? We consider ourselves pros. Whether we're wriggling out of an event we should never have committed to, or lying full-on to ourselves about why it makes more sense to stay out for another round of cocktails instead of heading home at a reasonable hour—we've got the whole "little white lie" thing down pat.

Which is why we get a kick out of a new holiday-themed contest by Cambria Suites/Choice Hotels, which asks people to share their tactics for avoiding house guests. The prize? A $500 hotel gift card. Simply submit whatever "little white lie" you use to stave off unwanted family members, and you could wind up with $500 in hotel cash that could ensure you won't have to host anyone all holiday season long. How's that for choice?

The contest, which is available to anyone who "likes" Cambria Suites on Facebook, is based on a study conducted by Cambria that shows about one in three American adults have lied to relatives to avoid hosting them during the holidays. Cold! Thank goodness for hotels.

Your lie must be "creative, appropriate and original," which means it should not fall into any of the following statistics (as categorized by the study): pretending to be out of town (36%), pretending to be sick (34%), pretending not to have extra beds (34%), pretending to host other visitors (22%) or pretending to renovate (14%).

Hm, that last one has us suspicious now.

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