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Hotel for Sourdough Bread Hits Sweden

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  Site Where: Skånegatan 76 , Stockholm, Sweden
December 6, 2011 at 4:24 PM | by | ()

Hotel Chatter admits a soft spot for Swedes, what with the bounty of pop culture gifts with which they've furnished the world (like, you know, Robyn, IKEA, and The Fun Theory campaign). The notably upbeat Scandinavians harbor a mutual love for aspects of American culture, such as…sourdough bread?

Well, yes—and why not? The delicious San Francisco export is a culinary achievement that's been embraced worldwide, but Swedes have taken their appreciation to the next level by establishing a hotel that, ahem, "caters" to sourdough bread and its enthusiasts.

Making the foodstuff is a labor intensive process that requires a considerable amount of attention; in other words, not tending to it for days—or even hours—on end isn't the healthiest approach. For $30.00 per week, bread makers who are going on holiday or simply want their loaves to receive an extra helping of TLC can check in the dough to Nytorget Urban Deli. There, the dough is coddled, nurtured, and make the sourdough "feel as good as it possibly can," per a report from the AP. We hope the jarred starters are taking advantage of all on-site amenities, which, we suspect, aren't of the flatscreen LCD television and fluffy bathrobe variety.

[Photo: Spotted by Locals]

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