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Andre Balazs' London Hotel Won't Be a Standard and Won't Open Until 2013

December 6, 2011 at 12:38 PM | by | Comments (0)

So yesterday when we learned that The Belgraves would be opening on January 16, we also came across some news about Andre Balazs' plans for a London hotel.

Last October, we scouted out an old fire station in Marylebone at Chiltern Street where Andre's London hotel was rumored to open. Back then our spy told us the building was not very big and that if indeed AB turns it into a hotel, it would be a very small one. We agreed it was too small for a Standard outpost but it might be a perfect spot for another sort of Mercer Hotel.

And indeed that's probably what will happen. TheStreet.com reports:

Richard Scott, who handles international press for Andre Balazs Properties, says, "It will not be a Standard -- it will be a higher-price-point property within the ABP portfolio." As for opening, Scott advises that the property won't debut until 2013, not next year as reported in the U.K.

That means that Mercer London (heh) will miss the Summer Olympics frenzy but it's ok, we'd rather AB took his time with this one. Also, we wouldn't want it to get lost in the swarm of London hotels opening next year.

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