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Snapshot Of The Week: Harbor-Gazing In Hong Kong

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December 5, 2011 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

There is one particular trend @HotelChatter happens to quite enjoy: candid hotel photos. These pics range from stunning views to anti-views to celebrity tomfoolery and everything in between. And we can't get enough of 'em! Every Monday, we commemorate our favorite hotel-themed snapshot du semaine. Got a favorite of your own? Want to show off your sweet suite?Send it in!

After seeing our picks from InterContinental's photo album on Facebook two weeks ago, one reader felt they had another photo worthy of the collection. Namely, this shot taken from a room at the InterContinental Hong Kong. See the Macbook Air on the desk? That's how we know we're dealing with something candid, rather than a totally staged shot.

As far as hotel views go, there is nothing better than a clear, unobstructed skyline. What tips this one over the edge is the beautifully smooth surface of Victoria Harbour, which reflects the red and blue lights of the city with an incredible kaleidoscope effect.

With awesome views like this, hotel art almost starts to seem a little unnecessary and contrived. Who needs shrubbery sculptures when you have scenes like this to stare at?

We wonder if this is the same view guests of the hotel's club lounge get. Seems like it would complement the daily afternoon tea service nicely.

[Photo: Facebook]

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