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2011 Must-Have Hotel Amenity: Personal WiFi Hotspots

December 29, 2011 at 11:35 AM | by | ()

It's what you've been waiting all year for--The 2011 HotelChatter Awards! We'll be bringing you the best and worst of the year all day today and part of tomorrow. Agree or disagree with our picks? Air your thoughts in comments below.

We know that investing in technology products can be a bit of crapshoot. Just when you finally get a brand-new smartphone or decide to invest in an iPad or tablet, the next, newer, better version comes along. Which is why we understand hotels' reluctance to get as gung-ho as we do about the latest hand-held devices. (There is, however, no excuse for chunky box TVs in hotel rooms anymore.)

But we would love it if more and more hotels started offering personal WiFi hotspots for guests like the 4G Huddle station that's on offer at the JW Marriott in Kuala Lumpur. Or the E-mobile portable WiFi device that the Park Hyatt Tokyo offer its guests for about $33 a day and which can be used outside hotel, even when climbing Mt. Fiji.

But if that can't happen, then we'll just settle for an amazingly fast and strong wireless network like the gigaspeed internet the Peninsula Hotels are implementing.

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