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Hotels to Follow Right Now on Instagram

December 27, 2011 at 5:31 PM | by | ()

Know what's crazy boring and frustrating? Trying to decide whether or not to stay at a hotel by looking at their tiny, staged room photos on a website. This is why we do our best to get in and give you some massive photo galleries to flip through, but now hotels are taking it upon themselves to get creative by using the iPhone photo sharing app Instagram.

To put it plainly, Instagram allows its users to post their own shots (most taken on the fly, via iPhone) applied (or not) with filters to jazz it up the visual oomph. The community is crawling with design, travel, architecture, photography and foodie geeks, which makes it a perfect place to show off your property if you're a hotel.

We've recently joined Instagram ourselves (search hotelchatter & jaunted in the app to find our photostreams) and we're sharing original snaps from our own hotel stays. Still, we searched to find the hotel accounts on Instagram to follow right now:

Hotels to follow now:

Four Seasons Los Angeles: (Instagram: fslosangeles) The Four Seasons is clearly enjoying the beauty of their hotel, as their 9 current photos (all recent) tour everything from their pool at dusk to their hot apple cider spread in the lobby.

Gansevoort Hotels: (Instagram: gansevoort) There's only a few Gansevoort hotels and 30 photos in their stream right now, so the locations for their images don't vary that much. That said, that's the beauty of a hotel company using Instagram; photos of the details are what really win, and a hotel should have enough design details to keep Instagrammers interested for some time.

Morgans Hotel Group: (Instagram: morganshotels) Hands down, Morgans is the best at the Instagram game right now. With 69 photos and special images just for their followers (like spelling out "Happy Holidays" one letter photo at a time, each taken at their properties), they're the shining example of a hotel company doing Instagram right. Plus, they totally took a pick from inside the Hudson Hotel and applied the Instagram "Hudson" filter, and that is so meta it tickles.

The Standard: (Instagram: thestandard) What's a social network if Standard Hotels isn't shaking their too-hip-for-you hips all up in it? The Standards of NYC, LA, Hollywood and Miami all participate, giving their stream of photos a healthy variety.

Thompson Hotels: (Instagram: thompsonhotels) Thompson Hotels is definitely up there with Morgans on their Instagram ability. Their shots are gorgeous, interesting and frequent, though they love to wander around visually cataloguing the cities just as much as their own hotels.

Hotels to watch:

CitizenM Hotels: (Instagram: citizenm) There's only 6 photos so far, but CitizenM is based in tech-happy Amsterdam and this should get more active as their follower numbers rise. Most of their images focus on the art around their hotels.

Tablet Hotels: (Instagram: tablethotels) 23 photos and all of them stunning. They don't update crazy frequently, but it's worth it when they do, as their Instagrams feature either details of their member hotels or scenic views of the destinations they're in.

The Redbury Hollywood: (Instagram: theredbury) Three photos, but all of them in the last week or two, which means they're maybe just playing around with the app.

Other travel brands:

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Final reminder to follow us on Instagram (names: hotelchatter, jaunted), as we post original photos from our own hotel-hopping! Know of any other hotels we should be following? Share 'em in the comments!

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