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The Soap Rocks At La Posada De Santa Fe

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  Site Where: 330 East Palace Ave, Santa Fe, NM, 87501
December 27, 2011 at 3:26 PM | by | ()

We've seen plenty of weird and wonderful hotel soaps in our time, but nothing quite as cool as this: the rock soap that greeted us as we checked into La Posada De Santa Fe Resort last night.

There was a normal, pebble-shaped soap in the soap dish - so far, so normal - but then on the shelf by the basin we spied this lump of rock. Was it a pumice stone to grate your feet? An ornament? A random piece of rock? No, it was indeed a bar of soap shaped like a rock.

Why? Because La Posada is owned by Rock Resorts, and Rock Resorts clearly know a good piece of guerilla marketing when they see it. "Rock Resorts" is cut into the soap bar, and since we're never going to use it - we'll be keeping it on our bathroom shelf in perpetuity - we'll always remember La Posada.

Now if only they could pay as much attention to their showers instead of making do with hard-to-wash-hair-in-dribblers, that really would have been a great stay.

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Neat, But....

I travel a lot, and I used to be so impressed by little things like the soaps and interesting items in the mini bar. It's disheartening to know that many of these items, made by brands like Molton Brown and Lather, are made in China despite looking like they're made in Europe or the U.S.A. It's dishonest.

not all

Argand makes great soap rocks made by Pashtun women in Afghanistan.