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7 Tips to Remember When Staying in a Hotel for the Holidays from Concierge Corner

December 27, 2011 at 12:30 PM | by | ()

The holidays are over, well nearly, we've still got 2012 to ring in but already we've got a post-mortem of the 2011 holiday season from our favorite concierge, @ConciergeCorner.

1. On Shipping gifts: I will be happy to map out, recommend and even drive you to purchase gifts, but shipping and tipping, that’s on you.

2. Keep complaints to a minimum: You are visiting family but I’m away from mine, at work. Have a heart and don’t complain about the low floor of your third party booked room, thanks.

3. Restaurant reservations on Christmas Eve are tough: It’s Christmas Eve and for some reason you are under the impression that you are getting a table at the popular family owned Italian eatery. Sorry, not happening. Mr. Lucco is with his family but I’m sure Red Dragon Asian eatery has availability.

4. Same with tourist attractions: Sadly our most popular tourist attractions are closed but I can get you to the Kremlin, Dubai and Mumbai via Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, now playing.

5. Be specific about gift requests: To come to me saying you want the “it gift” is useless. Maybe I think the “it gift” is Pogs? Say what you want, mean what you say and you’re bound to have a better stay.

6. Yes, tipping is still appreciated: With hundred dollar designer shades on and hands full of shopping bags, I really don’t care to hear how you have no money to tip me cause it’s the holidays.

7. Management won't get off easy: Lucky number 7 goes out to all my senior management out there in “This has been a down year" land. Stop playing the victim and throw me a few bucks, as I know you can.

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