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How to Find HotelChatter Wherever You Go

December 28, 2011 at 1:07 PM | by | ()

  Yesterday we told you how you could find us (and hotels) on Instagram but in case you find it too hard to keep up with all the social media that's going on these days, allow us to make it easy for you.

Below are the following ways that you can keep up with us beyond reading our site and our newsletter. Stalkers totally welcome!

· Facebook: If you are on Facebook--and let's face it, who isn't?--then add us as a Friend. Remember, the person with the most friends wins!

· Twitter: Follow all of our exciting updates on Twitter. We tweet about our latest deals, the latest news, and our off-the-cuff reactions from inside hotels.

· Google+: We're tinkering with Google+ right now and we're finding it way more fun than Facebook. So add us to your circles (whatever those are) today!

· Instagram: This is where we'll be uploading photos taken from our iPhones inside hotels. You don't want to miss our findings!

· Foursquare: When we check into a hotel, we often leave a tip behind. Find out what they are on Foursquare!

· Our HotelChatter Flickr Pool: There are like hundreds and hundreds of awesome photos in here. Thanks to everyone for sending them to us!

· Jaunted: Because your trips aren't just about the hotel rooms. How you get there matters too. And yes, this is a shameless promotion of our brother site. But we swear, in a non-biased way, it's some of the best travel reading on the internet.

· VegasChatter: There's so much going on in Vegas--"Brand opening, Brand closing!"--that we created an entirely new site devoted to it. Again, in a non-biased way, it's some of the most entertaining and useful info on Vegas.

· Our Phone Number: Ok, it's not our phone number but becoming a new user is the best way to get involved in the dialogue going on at HotelChatter. Sign up to be a HotelChatter Maven where you can submit your own hotel reviews, comment on stories and get the HotelChatter newsletter. We won't let you down.

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