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This Will Make You Think Twice Before Paying Cash For Your Next Hotel Stay

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Ah, the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. Its very name conjures images of sailboats on the French Riviera, pristine terry cloth robes, and Leonardo DiCaprio sunning himself by the infinity pool. One thing the idyllic hotel does not usually get associated with is fraud.

According to the Daily Mail, Jean-Claude Irondelle is being accused of "misappropriating" over EUR 740,000 euros—and that's just between 2003-2006. In total, it is unknown how much Irondelle may or may not have slipped into a separate account for himself during his 50-year run.

But a big piece of the puzzle lies in the fact that Irondelle frequently accepted payments in cash directly from the big A-listers that stayed the hotel, seeking VIP treatment. Well, at least we know someone benefited from that money...

According to the Daily Mail:

"Judge Sandrine Andre, sitting in nearby Grasse, has now indicted him with embezzlement, alleging that he set up a ‘parallel fraudulent organisation’ at the hotel.

Irondelle routinely refused credit cards, insisting that the best service was worthy of hard cash, but prosecutors believe he kept ‘double books’, skimming off personal profits and collecting ‘kick backs’ to keep the celebrities happy."

Owners the Oetker Group had filed a complaint against the 82-year old back in 2006, which is only now resulting in judicial action.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that Irondelle is still waiting for a EUR 473,000 payout as part of his severance package, which was agreed on in October 2005.

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