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The Law Goes Luxe: Former Police HQ in Manchester Turning From Eyesore to High End Hotel

December 20, 2011 at 12:28 PM | by | ()

A derelict police station doesn't strike us as the most mood setting or lavish of atmospheres, but a Bristol, England-based hospitality group is hoping lend an upmarket touch to one such building in Wigan, located in Greater Manchester.

A local paper reports that the concrete complex, built in the 1970s and abandoned for about a decade, will soon be turned into a 60-bed hotel with the help of Sanguine Hospitality. Just how dire is the property? So frightful a sight that locals have nicknamed it the "Stazi" after the former East German state security headquarters.

The road to renovation won't be an easy one: in addition to obvious aesthetic concerns, builders must be mindful of a water bat community "long believed to have colonised the empty building" and which now feed in the river corridor behind the police station.

Take note, Manchester-bound honeymooners: if the thought of cozying up with your S.O. on the site of a former fingerprinting lab, bat colony a stone's throw away, tickles your lustful fancy, this project could be one to watch. Talk about turning up The Heat.

[Photo: Wigan Today]

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