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Are You a Repeat Hotel Guest Like Jennifer Aniston?

December 2, 2011 at 4:00 PM | by | ()

There is no getting through that thick but enviably coiffed head of Jennifer Aniston's. Even though we pleaded with her as far back as 2008 to find a new hotel in Los Angeles to hang out, the girl insists on doing all her business at the Sunset Tower Hotel. Just recently, gossip reports have her dining with her beau Justin Theroux at the hotel's Tower Bar.

The pair, both casually dressed, looked cozy as they dined at the Sunset Tower Hotel’s Tower Bar. A witness in the restaurant said, “They sat in a corner table overlooking the city, deep in conversation and holding hands under the table. It was very sweet: They looked the image of happiness.”


We're not even going to attempt to persuade Jenny to try other hotels on the block but we are going to step back a little and try to understand why she keeps visiting, staying, living at the Sunset Tower hotel.

We're hotel whores so we like to sleep around everywhere and anywhere (ok, only 3 star and above) but maybe someone with such a crazy hectic lifestyle like hers--traveling from city to city for promotional appearances, film shoots and the general "Because I'm rich enough" reasons--would prefer some consistency. Hence, her go-to hotel choice of Sunset Tower. It probably doesn't hurt that hotelier Jeff Klein is fiercely protective of his celeb guests.

Eh, we still don't get it. But maybe you can help us--what hotel are you a repeat guest at and why? Share your hotel love story (or maybe it's an affair of convenience) in comments below!

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That's hilarious. If all they want to is hold hands under the dinner table, why don't they go for milkshakes at a diner and call it a day?

Then he can ask her to the prom and they can make out in the janitors closet.

If I had the dough...

I might be a repeat guest at the Surrey in NYC!

Is that true

Is that true? I want to have a try.

Jennifer ?

I like Jennifer.