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Is This The Most Generous Collection Of Hotel Toiletries You've Ever Seen?

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  Site Where: Babington, Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom, BA11 3RW
December 16, 2011 at 1:41 PM | by | ()

In a world of shrinking amenities (hello, slippers, we miss you) and toiletry bottles getting ever smaller, it’s a mammoth relief to rock up somewhere and find as many options for molly coddling in your hotel room as you have at home.

And at Babington House, the country outpost of Soho House, the selection is pretty incredible. With full-size bottles of the entire Cowshed range of toiletries, you'll be spending more time in the bathroom than the rest of the room!

Three types of shower gel, two types of bubble bath, bath oil, shampoo, conditioner – it was all there for us to enjoy when we checked in the other day. You’re not allowed to take them home (well, you are, but it’ll be charged to your credit card), but you’re allowed to use as much as you want.

And after we tried out the bath, shower, and hot tub on the terrace of our Walled Garden Room, we’d used about half the pot of bubble bath.

We thought we were lucky till the next day, when we snooped round the top room (the Playroom), and saw it also came complete with three huge flagons of bath salts. Oh, and a full minibar stocked with full-size bottles of booze that was also included in the room price.

Still, we got free deodorant and condoms in ours. We're just fine with that. Sob.

Rooms start at around £250, or £750 for the Playroom.

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That is incredible. I've definitely seen hotels that offer a ton of toiletries from body wash to lotion to combs, toothbrushes and even facial peels but never this much and in such a big size. The only question is, if you're not allowed to take them home (without being charged) does that mean they just hang out there and are used by other guests until they are all gone?


Not sure. I arrived to full, clean, supposedly new bottles. I am hyperneurotic about reusing stuff other people have touched, so i inspected them and there was no wear and tear on labels etc. And I def mussed them up when I was there. Saw several rooms, all with what appeared to be new bottles, so i guess the cleaners remove the opened bottles and use in the spa//fitness centre/public areas?

Also, I doubt everyone does what I did which is try every single bottle. I was staying on my own so I had very little else to do other than try the toiletries and the bath, shower, steamroom and hot tub.

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