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Choco-holics, Stay Away From The Jumeirah Essex House This Christmas

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December 15, 2011 at 3:19 PM | by | ()

This is the kind of Christmas tree that you do not want to have around the house—because if you did, you'd just end up eating it.

Luckily, this 10-foot-tall beauty, made entirely of chocolate (white, dark, milk, fondant, you name it, it's on there), is on view inside the Jumeirah Essex House, which luckily isn't a place we frequent very often.

The chocolate theme is continued into the rest of the lobby with a weekend-only Chocolate Bar. Boy, this hotel is pressing allll the right buttons. Included in the mouth-watering buffet are a chocolate fountain, assorted truffles and house-made hot chocolate. Tickets go for $35 a head, but if you bump it up to $49, they'll throw in a glass of champagne.

Just don't go into the place planning to nibble on the chocolate tree—it took precisely 140 hours of labor. Not to mention the fact that half of the trees 78 chocolate ornaments are dusted in 14k gold!

Now there's something we definitely won't be finding in our home anytime soon.

[Photo: Jumeirah Essex House]

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