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Painfully Hip Holiday Gift Bundles for Ace Hotel Lovers

December 14, 2011 at 3:57 PM | by | ()

Hotel gift shops often offer a dire selection of wares: chintzy city memorabilia and chocolates of questionable quality, for instance, and maybe a plush monogrammed robe if you're lucky. There are exceptions of course, usually on the higher end of the spectrum (see: offerings from Ritz-Carlton properties and The Beverly Hills Hotel, for instance).

Ace properties, however, have done a stand up job in reversing the middling retail reputation of hotels. (Partnering with bourgeoise hipster boutique Opening Ceremony added some definite street cred). Currently offering a few Holiday Bundles, these pre-packaged and branded designer goods include a themed New York pack with an Ace New York x Pendleton plaid throw, Ace x Wings + Horns hooded bathrobe, and Ace Hotel Tee ($390.00).

Relive the whole hotel experience in your own bedroom! Minus the free Chromebooks and naked British TV stars.

Alternatively, analog enthusiasts will love the a polaroid bundle featuring a refurbished polaroid camera, extinct film included ($340.00).

If you've a hotel lover/discerning design aficionado in your life and are running short on gift options, turning to Ace to finish off your shopping isn't a bad idea. 'Tis the season of obligatory consumerism spreading cheer, after all.

Obviously these presents still qualify as luxe, but they also rank highly on the "rad-o-meter" of holiday gifts. You apparently can put a price on awesome.

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