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Why Hello There, Hotel Indigo Hong Kong

Where: Queen's Road East, Hong Kong, China
December 15, 2011 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

Imagine our surprise yesterday when we stumbled out of the maze of assorted stalls of the Wan Chai Market--which sell clothing, jewelry, toys alongside meat and live, still-flapping-in-a-box fish--came face-to-face with this--the construction site for the upcoming Hotel Indigo Hong Kong.

The project was first announced back in 2009 and the dragon-wrapped hotel on the bustling Queen's Road East will open sometime next year. What's that you say, a dragon-wrapped hotel? Yes, the hotel's exterior will feature a "conspicuous dragon in burnished bronze" that will also function as an eco-screen to counteract hot spots and solar gain.

Inside there will be 150 Feng Shui-designed rooms and since Hotel Indigo is all about the local neighborhood, we're guessing the history of the Wan Chai 'hood will be featured prominently throughout.

But more importantly is when this hotel is opening and it's not because we're anxious to get in there. It's because next year is the Chinese Year of the Dragon, probably the most important sign of all the Chinese zodiacs. So this dragon-wrapped hotel's opening will be very well-timed.

Currently, there's only one Hotel Indigo in all of China (in Shanghai) and aside from Hong Kong, two more are expected to open in Xiamen Harbour and Taipei but in a country as massive as China, that's just a drop in the hotel occupancy bucket. If that.

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So it's going to look like the hotel version of an Affliction shirt? HA. Awesome location, though.