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Guess The Business Traveler's Hotel with a Hanging Chair in its Suite

Where: Hong Kong, China
December 14, 2011 at 3:30 PM | by | ()

Once again, it's time to GTH, Guess the Hotel!

Since our little games of GTHs usually take place in the States, we're going to give you a big hint upfront right now and let you know this business hotel with the sex swing hanging chair in its suite can be found in Hong Kong. With that out of the way, let's move on to the next few hints. Think you know which hotel this is? Put your guesses in comments below and we'll do a reveal tomorrow!

· The hotel caters to a mostly business or corporate crowd during the week, then leisure travelers on the weekends.
· It's attached, like most hotels here, to a massive shopping mall.

· Even though it brands itself as a business lifestyle hotel, the property has far more design appeal than any businessy type of hotel we've encountered before. The rooms feature low beds, floor to ceiling windows and interesting photography but also several technology must-haves like free WiFi and amenity perks like espresso machines. And sorry, only a couple of the suites have the hanging chairs.
· It's also got a super stylish pool, a rooftop bar with killer views and an extensive drink and cocktail menu and an all-day dining restaurant that serves up quite a feast. Oops we said too much.

Test your knowledge of Hong Kong hotels in comments below!

Archived Comments:

Upper House?

I know I know

I know!!!! Hong Kong, definitely. Not going to spoil it.


Only in the suites though!

I agree, must be East

GTH: To the EAST!