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The Z Hotel Soho in London is Easy on the Wallet, Not So Easy On Your Wingspan

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  Site Where: 17 Moor Street, London, United Kingdom, W1D 5AP
December 14, 2011 at 12:35 PM | by | ()

Our spies on the ground in London have told us there's yet another new hotel open for us to check out. And fortunately, this one is billing itself as "designer label but without the designer price tag."

The Z Hotel Soho is located off Charing Cross Road, south of the Soho Square Garden, with 85 rooms built around a central courtyard. While the exterior is described as having "classical architectural proportions", the rooms boast a way more contemporary look with 40" flatscreen TVs, glass partitions around the bathroom, iPod docking station which plays through the TV and our fave amenity, free WiFi. For your toiletry whores, they've got Thierry Mugler in the bath.

But don't get too comfortable. At just 8-9 square metres, the rooms are teeny tiny about the same size as the Tune Hotel. In fact, the loo is at the foot of your bed and you may have to watch for the shower head going awry and spraying your bed. But it's not like the hotel doesn't warn you about the cramped quarters. Right on the Z Soho's website it says:

As an Urbanite you could well feel at home in a Z single. But you’ll only be staying home long enough to shower, change and put the PC on charge. Then Soho beckons. And when you come back, you can collapse in some style. The bed is welcoming, the wet room is en suite, the room is just perfect for a couple of nights stay. A total of about six hours, if you really play hard.

Rates start at 85 quid a night. If you spend the night there, please do let us knowet us know what you thought!

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