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Would You Choose A Hotel Based On Toiletries?

December 1, 2011 at 10:20 AM | by | ()

Earlier this month, we learned about a new partnership between New York-based perfume house Le Labo and Fairmont Hotels—the biggest hotel undertaking Le Labo has ever attempted. We know how particular everyone can be about their hotel toiletries. Some like them sweet-smelling, some like them eco-friendly, and some don't bother with them at all.

But today, while reporting on the new Le Labo line at Fairmont, MSNBC happened to interview an individual who admitted he and his fiancee chose Boston's Liberty Hotel as the site of their wedding "in large part because they provide Molton Brown products in the rooms." Nevermind the actual, like...you know, beds.

As frequent travelers, and hotel experts, Is this something you keep in mind when booking a hotel stay? How do you pick your favorite hotel? Is it the well-appointed bar in the lobby? Or maybe the awesome view of the 59th Street Bridge from the window? Or is it, like our friend Chad Wolfe in the MSNBC interview, all about the free toiletries?

We wanna hear your answers! Drop a comment in the box below and tell us which hotels, if any, have brought you back a second time based on toiletry options alone.

[Photo of Forty 1 North: HotelChatter]

Archived Comments:

cowshed at soho house miami!

soho house - miami, offers cowshed bath products.  and not only do they give you the shampoo/conditioner/bath gel....they offer 6 different bath gels to explore...they also offer face wash/toner/lip balm...really impressive bathroom amenities!!

Quality amenities create their own memories...

Toiletries absolutely play a huge factor in my hotel stays. There is one particular hotel soap I dislike strongly enough to consider other properties where possible. The soap leaves a residue unclean feeling. yuck!- likewise, if a hotel has floors/rooms w/ different brand amenities, you can bet I'll pay the difference for the amenities alone. I'll even add a recent stay at The Stein Eriksen Lodge, went from already wonderful to absolutely awesome because of the Molton Brown amenities (especially the eucalyptus body wash!).

Lip balm!

If I found out it was offered at a hotel I was considering, and the rates were reasonable, it could feasibly tip the scales for me. I need some now actually, especially heading into chapped lip season!

And slcatalyst, Eucalyptus-scented anything is always awesome.

Stunning Pebbles

Stayed at the recently opened Paradisus in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  Hotel has just opened and it is amazing, hotel was not quite full and they are opened only 15 days.  The bathroom toiletries are from a brand Thierry Mugler who I heard is the same designer that makes Angel, what an amazing presentation, the product and the fragrance, this will definitely be a product I would look for in hotels to stay in.

A little luxury goes along way

We recently stayed at Montage Deer Valley in Utah, and encountered a brand called Antica Farmacista with a really uplifting and unusual Cedar fragrance. We enjoyed the product experience so much it was hard to leave the hotel!
The extra attention to detail and really exceptional toiletries products certainly leaves a lasting impression. When you travel frequently and encounter so many mediocre amenities in the larger luxury chains, a truly good toiletries product does sway your decision on where to stay.

Oooh, cedar!

Love it. I'm actually a big fan of the Peter Thomas Roth collection at Hilton--kind of floral, but not too cloying.

I still have some samples from when it launched back in June and find myself getting nervous about my stash running out.


I admit that toiletries will influence my hotel stays. Typically, i know that smaller hotels, especially the luxe ones, are going to have some good stuff in the bathrooms. So those are the types of hotels I prefer. But i think Starwood was smart to partner up with Bliss bc the general public goes gaga for Bliss And they look cute too. The worst is going into a hotel and seeing generic toiletries "Made exclusively for the hotel." Wah-wah.

Also @TheEnglishman, Antica Farmacista is EXCELLENT. I have a candle from them on my desk that is sold at the Hotel Bel-Air.

L'occitane toiletries

Definitely. I love L'Occitane products and I believe it is a luxury at any given hotel. So if a hotel provides them I will be in it!