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Marriott is Also Putting Guest Reviews on Their Website

November 8, 2011 at 1:22 PM | by | ()

Marriott really wants to know what you thought of this Ritz-Carlton hotel room.

The hotels are striking back against hotel review giant TripAdvisor. The other week it came out that Starwood Hotels would be posting guest reviews--good and bad--directly on their website (after undergoing a vetting process to prove that the guest actually stayed there.) And now we learn that Marriott Hotels will be doing the exact same thing.

USA Today was privvy to Marriott's new review plan:

Marriott will run the reviews on a separate site called Marriott Rewards Insiders, which currently has 25,000 members with profiles but is rapidly growing, says French, head of marketing platforms and Marriott Rewards.

Like Starwood, Marriott will confirm whether a review writer actually stayed in the hotel before publishing the review, eliminating skepticism that a bad review might come from someone looking to undermine a hotel's reputation for whatever reason.

Also like Starwood, Marriott does not plan to offer incentives to customers to write reviews.

Hmmm...very interesting. Hilton and Hyatt, what say you?

Will you write a review on Marriott or Starwood's website? Or will you keep on anonymously contributing to TripAdvisor? Let us know in comments below!

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