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Courtyard By Marriott Comes To Herald Square

November 7, 2011 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

If Thanksgiving is the one time of year when NYC's Herald Square can actually become relevant again (Macy's parade, hello?), then it was with good foresight that Marriott waited until this week to announce their new midtown Courtyard property. The worldwide hotel brand will plant a new Courtyard by Marriott Herald Square inside the former Atlantic Bank of New York Building, on the corner of 35th Street and Sixth Avenue.

Maintaining its current facade, the 17-story, 168-room hotel will be ready by "early 2012," which should put it in line to open along with its Hyatt and Holiday Inn neighbors over on 36th Street.

This news also coincides (then again, in this business, coincidences don't really exist) with Macy's announcement last Tuesday that the flagship Herald Square store will be receiving a $400 million makeover.

Beginning next spring (around when the new Courtyard is set to open), the renovations will effect additional retail space, a facelift for the building's exterior, a new "Hall of Luxury Brands," a new footwear department, and an expanded men's department.

Call us prescient, but this has "shop-til-you-drop" weekend packages written all over it. As a hotel guest and avid shopper (the two do seem to go hand in hand), nothing could be more ideal for a New York weekend getaway. Even business travelers, a big target audience for the Courtyard brand, will find a way to benefit from the hotel's location: directly across the street from one of the world's largest chain department stores.

What's more, this new project may have been a direct result of last year's initiative to move the parade from Seventh Ave (where Marriott Marquis and Renaissance Times Square are) to the less-Marriott-populated Sixth Avenue. The decision reportedly cost the brand $2 to $3 million in lost revenue.

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