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The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Splashed on Italian Wallpaper For Their Guest Rooms

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November 8, 2011 at 8:55 AM | by | ()

Hotel wallpaper: underused but always appreciated when it does make an appearance. As long as it’s funky wallpaper, not gross stuff like you’d find in your nan’s back room.

One of our lasting memories of the rooms at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is opening the cupboards and seeing the weird faces staring out at us. So we had a blast from the past when we were in Italy the other week, opened up a copy of Grazia and came face to face with the faces again.

According to the magazine, this version (which looks identical to the Cosmo's print in the photo below, though we remember it as more purple) is called “Portraits and Graphics of Fornasetti” and is available from Cole & Son for the not inconsequential price of EUR 152.60 per square meter. Wow. $240. Cosmo went all out on that.

Hope it’s not been scratched over the past year.

[Cosmo photo: Las Vegas Sun]

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