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LEGOLAND UK's New LEGO-Themed Hotel Will Open on March 16th

November 30, 2011 at 1:55 PM | by | ()

Great news for parents of LEGO lovers--When the The LEGOLAND UK Theme Park opens again for the season on March 16, there will be a brand-new 150-room LEGO-themed hotel opening along side it called The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel. Even though a new Legoland recently opened in Orlando, this is actually the first official LEGOLAND hotel to open outside of Denmark (where the original LEGOLAND is.)

The UK LEGOLAND hotel will be very similar to the Denmark hotel in that the place will be wall-to-wall LEGOS from the entrance which will feature a fire-breathing dragon perched in a tower, to the restaurant, LEGO Skyline bar, and a LEGO pirates-themed pool. And of course, there will be LEGO-themed hotel rooms.

The hotel will have three different themes--pirates, kingdom and adventure--all with interactive challenges. Hopefully, these challenges can be turned off at bedtime though.

The hotel will also have 1,600 LEGO models (like this dapper bellman above), hand-crafted by a team of 45 skilled LEGO makers and using over 80 million individual LEGO bricks.

Rates will start at £247 during the low season and £337 in the high season. That will get you a themed family room (two adults, two children), breakfast, park tickets for two days and early bird access to the park.

Not able to get to the UK anytime soon? Don't worry, a LEGO-themed hotel is coming stateside to the San Diego Legoland in 2013.

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