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Want To Get Your Name In The Credits Of A DSK Hotel Porno? Here's How

Where: France
November 4, 2011 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

Trust, us, we're as sick of hearing about the gosh-darned DSK hotel maid sex scandal as the next person, but this new item caught our attention. Fast on the heels of yesterday's saucy tidbit about the W London porn story, we bring you possibly the worst—or best? we can't quite tell—hotel sex news we've heard yet: My Porn Production is working on a porn film about the infamous Sofitel scandal, with the working title DXK.

Think we're making it up? French news outlet The Local alerted us to the imminent production, which will reportedly cost €200,000. And the best part? With a simple €50 donation, you can have your name in the credits!

Though the case was dropped over the summer due to Nafissatou Diallo's lack of credibility, the producers plan to "spoof" the whole thing—from the French economist's misguided attempt at love to the ill-judged hotel room setting. With any luck, it will retain the humor that Budweiser achieved in this awesome 30-second clip. Then again, it's a porno, so probably not.

For more info on Katia De Lys, the French porn star who will be playing Diallo in the film, check out her Twitter page here!. Her co-star, whose character will be named David Sex King, is Italian porn star Roberto Malone. Two great choices, we think.

[Photo: Guardian]

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