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If You See This Man In Your Hotel, He's There to Fix It

November 30, 2011 at 10:36 AM | by | ()

UPDATE: We've got a brand new picture of the hotel fixer, Anthony Melchiorri. Sorry, James Caan but we had to drop you.

No, we're not talking about James Caan, We're talking about Anthony Melchiorri, the hotel fixer who will be appearing on the new Travel Channel reality show this spring called, Hotel Impossible.

Sources have confirmed for us that the man pictured here is indeed Anthony so if you see him at your hotel one of these days, that means the hotel you're staying at is in trouble.

For those who missed the news yesterday, Melchiorri, a longtime hospitality consultant with experience in turning around several hotels (mostly in NYC), will attempt to boost business at several struggling hotels. Here's the show's official description:

Competition is fierce in the hotel business. With the stroke of a key, one bad review on an online site like Trip Advisor can kill a business’ reputation. So what’s a struggling hotel operator to do? Hire Anthony Melchiorri, one of the most sought after hotel “fixers” in the country. His no-nonsense approach can turn any establishment around in weeks...and he plans to do just that in “Hotel Impossible.” Each episode features a hotel fighting for its life.

The show will be aired in eight one-hour episodes, starting sometime next year. Most of the hotels in need of help will be independent, mom and pop type of places so no Hyatts, Hiltons, Marriotts or Starwoods to be featured. Now, we know we've said this before but OMG, WE CANNOT WAIT. Can you?

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Archived Comments:

Teaching the public how to act

i've been in the hotel and restaurant business for most of my 55yrs.  My father was the worst guest in a restaurant and or a hotel, he would sit at a table and start inspecting the silver, once the food arrived if it wasn' t cooked to his specks he would send it back and ask for the chef.  In a hotel he would remove all the linen and check the beds and towels, I know he was extreme but it keep us healthy.  Now I've been doing this business for many years, have worked for Hyatts, Hiltons, The Palmer House in Chicago, Marriotts, I've worked Front Desk and I've worked Banquets and I KNOW that people need to be schooled some how.. I think that your show is great, you're teaching owners and associates what needs to be done to run a sucessful business.
What I'd like to get out there is how a guest should act when in a hotel or in a restaurant.
HOTEL;  Tell guests that a houskeeper, keeps the HOUSE, they are NOT MAIDS, they do not pay them a salary, or sign their checks. Houskeepers clean rooms.
When you stay in a hotel keep your children in YOUR CARE, DO NOT leave children in the rooms, we are not babysitters.  Keep an eye on your children that they do not damage property or play with the house phones.  What if there was an emergency, which phone would you use?
When speaking to the Operator, don't get upset with them, they just answered the phone, if you want results ASK or TELL the Operator what happened or what you need, they are the most important person in the hotel you could speak to, they have access to everyone that can assist you in what ever you require.
People it's not the servers fault that the chef didn't cook your food to your liking, it not the servers fault.  You should always Tip, people work hard for this money. Now if you see that the server is fooling around not paying attention then give them less tip, but always tip.

PEOPLE you need to know how to act when you leave your house, these people are not on your payroll, you can not treat them like you own them or they owe you something.  If you are from out of the country learn the protocol, just because you treat your servant badly does not mean you can get away with that here.
SERVERS, HOUSEKEEPERS,OPERATORS, FRONT DESK AGENTS, RESERVATIONS AGENTS are not your personal servants, if you want or need something ask politely with manners that maybe your parents never taught you, but now you do need to use !!!

Now I hope SOMEONE with some power in advertising gets a kick from this post and starts to put these words out there.  If you want more input I'd be happy to sit down and chat I'll give you alot of info!!!!!