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This Hotel Bar Took Its Name From A Baby (And Not The Other Way Around)

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November 29, 2011 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

On a cold, windy night back in 1939....

Remember when we joked last week about which hotel names would make bad baby names? Well, it turns out that sometimes, it's the babies who give their names to hotels. One woman in the UK has actually had a part of a hotel named after her—the Fitz bar at the Royal Hotel in Cardiff, Wales.

According to the BBC, Pat Fitzgerald, now 71, was abandoned on the doorstep of the hotel when she was an infant. When it came time for the hotel to christen their new bar, they chose to honor Fitzgerald for her unique history. In turn, Fitzgerald will name all of her grandchildren Royal, and the cycle will continue.

Fitzgerald, who was adopted and raised by a local family, calls the hotel "the nearest thing I have to a birthplace," though she didn't actually grow up inside the Royal.

Rates at the Royal, which happens to be Cardiff's oldest hotel, start at a very reasonable GBP 59 (full English breakfast included).

We wonder if Pat Fitzgerald gets some sort of "friends and family" discount. If being abandoned as a three-month-old is all it takes to get part of a hotel named after you, then, thanks—but no thanks. We'll just save our ideas for those cool hotel-bar-naming contests that pop up every once in a while.

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