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Rihanna Floods The Savoy London (Rockstar), Apologizes (Not So Rockstar)

November 28, 2011 at 4:42 PM | by | ()

No, you wouldn't want it dripping here

So we already know that The Savoy London does an unexpected line in ironing boards, but we hope they also have plenty of umbrella-ella-ellas - because its latest celeb guest has apparently been setting the place awash.

No, not Matt Goss, 80s boyband English superstar-turned Vegas crooner who brought his Sin City show to the Savoy last month; no, we're talking Rihanna, who apparently left the taps running in her £2000-a-night suite after she performed on X Factor last Sunday.

According to the People, it left the place soggy, but reparable. The hotel, of course, refused to comment, but an inside source said:

The room where Rihanna was with her entourage flooded when the bath taps were left on. They all left the room and when they came back the carpets were wet through. There was no lasting damage but it took a while to dry out. All of the party were hugely apologetic.

They were told not to worry. People at the hotel were joking that those in the floor below would need umbrellas – just like Rihanna’s song in 2007.

[Yup, we just recycled a four-year-old joke]

Now the real question - did RiRi and the "F**k You" shoes she wore that night on X Factor pass the notoriously stringent clothing policy at the Savoy? Something tells us we wouldn't have passed the American Bar foot police if we'd been wearing them.

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