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Hang With Andy Warhol at the InterContinental Miami

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November 18, 2011 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

We never pictured Warhol as an InterContinental type (perhaps more of a Jane/Bowery/Gramercy Park Hotel denizen or even a St. Regis dude). But we were wrong because the superstar is checking into the Intercontinental Hotel Miami from November 30 through January 1.

Yep, we're following up yesterday's initial list of Art Basel Miami Beach hotel happenings with a standalone item today—because, well, it's Andy Warhol, people. And thanks to Andy, we're all of a sudden looking at the IC Miami through a much cooler lens.

The hotel has been a fixture downtown for 25 years and is on the receiving end of some new renovations.

Even if they're only on display during Art Basel and throughout December, we think these cool black-and-white photos of Warhol and his model pals give the business-heavy IC Miami an unexpected edge. The never-before-seen collection of photos by David Siqueiros feature Warhol snapped with 1985's hottest Ford modelsand go by the cheeky name, Andy Warhol—'The Model Boy.'

The show debuts with a VIP reception on the eve of Art Basel on November 30, 2011 and then remains on show to guests and the public until New Year's Day. The limited exhibition is made all the more significant when you consider that these shots are thought to be among the last of Warhol's photo shoots before his passing in February 1987.

This event also marks the debut of IC Miami's new Arts Program, which will continue to support the growing visual and performing arts community in downtown and other parts of Miami.

Nice choice for your first outing, IC Miami. What's next? A Damien Hirst shark tank?

[Photograph by David Siqueiros (C) 2011. All Rights Reserved / Courtesy InterContinental]

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