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Le Parker Meridien Gets Help From A Psychic

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November 11, 2011 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Next time we need help achieving that state of zen, we'll be turning to Le Parker Meridien. No one is apparently more mellowed out than Fitness and Sales Director Craig Rogers, who has recently been learning meditation techniques from his psychic, Linda Lauren.

Lauren (whose clairvoyant hands are pictured above) was profiled by the New York Times on Wednesday in a piece about business folks who consult with psychics about their travel plans. Like Rogers, who needed help with his stressful 50-minute commute from New Jersey, and who now receives meditation lessons to help calm his thoughts. Funny, we already considered the hotel a little one-track minded—with any luck, Rogers can help clear out the impurities once and for all.

Questions put forth to Lauren range from 'will my plane crash?' to 'where should I go?' and everything in between. In turn, she consults her calendar and tarot cards to guide her clients in the right direction.

Incidentally, we think this would prove to be a very popular hotel amenity: the resident oracular concierge. Already this month, we've seen: a Chief Comfort Officer, compliment concierge, and Room 77's Room Concierge. What else is missing? A fortune teller, of course.

Apparently, Rogers has already noticed a more zen-like attitude as a result of following Lauren's meditation tips:

"I see people just standing on a platform, just flipping out. You think people are going to be late for something magically wild. To me, you know, it’s just a delay."

Not that we were skeptical or anything.

[Photo: Yana Paskova / NYT]

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Regarding the psychic visit

 I recommend Justin Terry. Even though he is young he is an amazing psychic medium. I have had phone readings by him and I swear by him. He is an angel that has proven there is an afterlife and has connected me with loved ones in spirt and answers any questions I have about anything. Here is his website: