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'Spice King' Gets Naked Then Arrested at Four Seasons NYC

November 10, 2011 at 5:14 PM | by | ()

This is for all those times we wished we had enough cash to spend a night at the Four Seasons New York because if we had been staying there on September 23rd we would have been witness to the "Spice King" working out naked in the hotel's fitness center after getting drunk on tequila before locking himself in his guest room, only to be dragged out by the police and sent to the psych ward.

Indian spice seller Dhiraj Arora was staying at the luxury hotel the other month (where rooms start around $1,000 a night) when he decided to get his workout on with his clothes off at 11am. Guests who saw him in the buff notified hotel security who in turn notified the police (You see that McQueary and JoePa? That's how that works) and things got demonstrably crazier from there. The NY Post reports:

Arora, a spice importer who stocks the shelves of stores like Fairway and Whole Foods, made a dash of shame to his room and locked the door.

When cops came knocking, he opened his door with the latch still on and cried out, “Peek-a-boo!’’ according to law-enforcement source.

Hotel staffers had to cut the latch before cops scooped up Arora and carted him off to St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.

The scene of the crime. We hope they disinfected this place afterwards.

Telling the paper his side of the story, Arora says he was not naked in the fitness center, only the steam room and when cops arrived at his room, he was in his underwear preparing a salt bath, "ready to rock" and eat food from the night before. Um, ok. He also says the guests at the hotel who called security were "probably uncomfortable" with his North Indian heritage.

And for the record, he did not yell at cops to "suck his million dollar cock." Instead he told them to "suck my $57 million cock." Ugh, he just had to work his net worth in there didn't he?

All in all, Arora says he spent two hours in the hospital and no charges were brought against him. In the meantime, we're feeling better about being too cash poor to stay at this hotel.

[Photo via Crains New York and Four Seasons New York]

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